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Kinder Works consults with programs in America and around the world to bring the best in early childhood education to people everywhere. Connect with BABTU. Create more connections. Email us at kinderworks@kinderworks.net.

Kinder Works is fully accredited by the Office of Child Development and Early Learning, and the Department of Education as a Private School. We’re proud to display video clips and testimonials that attest to the success of our mission.

Kinder Works integrates various philosophies including Reggio Emilio, the Montessori method, the developmental psychology of Piaget, Katz, Bruner and Gardner’s theories of multiple intelligences into everyday activities.

Our teachers are credentialed, highly trained and skilled. Their relationships with your children are singularly important.

The classrooms are specialized with particular materials and equipment.

The building itself is considered as a teaching medium, and so its architectural design is research-based to create optimal environments for learning.

Lesson plans are developed daily by staff collaborating with each other, based on the inquiries and interests of your children, and inspired by our Themes.

Our teaching themes introduce ideas and concepts that invite your children to explore our world, and provide the foundations for scaffolding learning.






Our Mission

Kinder Works is here to provide the best in early childhood education — because children are the future of our world. 


We are privately owned and operated by the same dedicated woman who founded the first Kinder Works school in 1985. We are not a chain or franchise.  

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