Doylestown Preschool/Kindergarten Staff


Our LANGUAGE ARTS SPECIALIST is MS. GINA SANFRATELLO. Ms. Sanfratello has her Master of Education from E. Stroudsburg University. She has PA Reading Specialist Certification as well as PA Teaching Certification for PreK-4th grade. She has a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education, also from E. Stroudsburg University. Before coming to us in 2020, Gina had experience teaching Kindergarten, 1st through 4th grade students, as well as Special Education students and Preschool students.

Our MATH AND SCIENCE SPECIALIST is MRS. ELIZABETH HOEY. Mrs. Hoey has her bachelor’s degree in Education from St. Thomas Aquinas College in New York. She taught for eleven years as a Preschool and Kindergarten Teacher before joining the staff at Kinder Works in 2003. She is a Pennsylvania Department of Education Certified Teacher.

Our MUSIC SPECIALIST is MS. MORGAN WARNER. Ms. Warner attended Temple University Boyer College of Music & Dance where she was awarded a Bachelor of Music in Music Education. Before coming to us in 2020, she had several years of experience teaching music in public and private schools to ages preschool through high school, and she has taught the violin and viola in Thailand! In addition, Ms. Warner has performed in T.U. Symphony Orchestra, Opera Orchestra, and the Academy Chamber Society. On top of that, she is the Co-Founder of Jazz Lives Philadelphia, a non-profit organization, in which she served as Director of Music Education..

Our GYM SPECIALIST is MRS. JANNA COOPER. Mrs. Cooper first came to Kinder Works in 1996 as a Substitute. She quickly joined our Teaching Team as a Specialist, and later became a Class Teacher. She left us in 2000 to raise her family, and her children attended Kinder Works! Mrs. Cooper then returned to us in the Spring of 2014. Her bachelor’s degree is from Moravian College and her Post Baccalaureate work was done at William Paterson University. She is a Pennsylvania Department of Education Certified Teacher. In addition to her years with Kinder Works, Mrs. Cooper also has experience working in the Central Bucks School District as a Substitute and as a Special Education Assistant.

Our CREATIVE EXPRESSION SPECIALIST is MRS. LISA BATY. Mrs. Baty has her Bachelor of Fine Arts from The William Paterson University, and is certified by the PA State Board of Private Academic Schools as an Art Teacher. She joined our staff in 2005 with two years of experience teaching preschoolers. She worked as a Graphic Artist, Production Artist, and Art Director specializing in Graphic Design with various advertising and publishing companies before she started teaching.


Our Preschool Teacher for our youngest class is MRS. NICOLE SMITH. Mrs. Smith graduated from Penn State, University Park where she received a B.S. in Kinesiology and became a certified teacher in Physical Education. Later, she was awarded an additional certification as a PA Department of Education Certified Teacher in PreK-4 Elementary Education. She came to us in 2019 with years of relevant experience: she taught Preschool for 4 years, and subbed for the school district for one year.

Our Preschool Teacher for our older class is MRS. NICOLE OWENS. Mrs. Owens received her bachelor’s degree in Education from Holy Family University, and is a Certified Teacher with the Pennsylvania Department of Education. She had experience teaching Preschool prior to joining our staff in the Summer of 2013.

Our Kindergarten Teacher is MS. HOLLY KNAPP. Mrs. Knapp has her bachelor’s degree in Family and Child Studies from Montclair State College. Later she received her Pennsylvania Instructional 1 and became a Certified Teacher in Elementary Education with the Pennsylvania Department of Education. She came to us in 2020 with 18 years of teaching experience, 10 of which was in Kindergarten.

Our Enrichment Teacher for 1st and 2nd Grades is MRS. LAUREN TOKASH (formerly Ms. Coulton). Mrs. Tokash has her bachelor’s degree in Education from Millersville University, and is a Pennsylvania Department of Education Certified Teacher. She joined Kinder Works at our Montgomeryville location in the summer of 2014 with experience teaching preschool and school-aged children. She transferred to Doylestown in 2016. She is the daughter of one of our first Kinder Works teachers and is also a Kinder Works alumna!

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