Limerick Preschool/Kindergarten Staff


Our LANGUAGE ARTS SPECIALIST is MRS. JENNIFER KNIGHT. Mrs. Knight has her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education from Kutztown University. She is a PA Certified Teacher, and joined Kinder Works in 2015 with 19 years of experience teaching Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten Classes, and as the Director of an Early Childhood Center. She has been the Language Arts Specialist for our Toddler Program before moving to our Preschool Program, and has a particular love for children’s books.

Our CREATIVE EXPRESSION SPECIALIST is MS. MEGAN CONNELL. Ms. Connell has a Certificate in Graphic Design from Pratt Institute, and her Masters of Arts in Art Education as well as Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from Boston University. She is PA Certified in Art Education. Before coming to us in 2020, Megan was an Art Teacher for 7 years, teaching children ages 3 though 8th grade at a public school and also in community arts programs. She has designed displays for Anthropologie, created designs for events, designed for home textiles, and was lead artist for “Kids Play Graphics”. On top of that, she has designed stationery, and done photography for American Dream House.

Our MATH & SCIENCE SPECIALIST is MS. REBECCA SCHMIDT. Ms. Schmidt graduated summa cum laude from West Chester University with her bachelor’s degree in Education.  She is certified to teach in Early Childhood by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  She had 6 years of experience working with young children at an Early Childhood Center, a Summer Camp, and as a Private Nanny before joining our team in the summer of 2013.  Ms. Schmidt is also a Kinder Works Alumna!

Our GYM & MUSIC SPECIALIST is MR. GREGORY DIPPELL. Mr. Dippell has a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Keene State College, and a Master of Arts in Music from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is certified to teach all forms and areas of music to students ranging from Preschool to University. He joined Kinder Works during the 2012-2013 school year with experience teaching Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, High School and University students. He has been the Lead Music Teacher at a public school in Pennsylvania, in New Hampshire, and in Scotl and! He has also taught private music instruction since 2005. Mr. Dippell has played cello for the Philly Pops and performed at Carnegie Hall, and is proficient on a number of instruments: violin, viola, cello, bass, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, guitar, and piano. He has also been a tennis instructor at a summer camp in New York for 3 years, and has 6 years experience as a lifeguard.  Greg and his wife are proud parents of a little girl.



MS. DONI COSGROVE has her bachelor’s degree in Education from Lancaster Bible College and she is a Certified Teacher in Early Childhood Education by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Private Academic Schools. She came to us in 2014 with 22 years of experience teaching Preschool and Kindergarten classes.

MRS. LAURA SUSSMANN has her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Cabrini University. She received her Teacher Certification from the PA Dept. of Education. She came to us in 2017 with 8 years of experience teaching young children. Laura is the mother of 3 children, some attending Kinder Works.

MRS. JESSICA CONTI graduated from Caldwell College in New Jersey, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Social Studies and Education. She is a Certified Teacher in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mrs. Conti joined Kinder Works in the Summer of 2013 with experience teaching young children in a classroom setting. She is the mother of two children, who attend Kinder Works.

MRS. SHANNON NISHIMURA received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Fort Hays State University. She is Certified as a Teacher for PreK-4th Grade, by the PA Department of Education. She came to us in 2020 with 6 years of experience teaching Preschool and Kindergarten.

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