Teaching Philosophy

What Makes Us Unique:

  • Classes are team-taught by excellent, qualified and caring staff.
  • The children move through four to five curriculum areas every AM and PM, presented in classrooms designed for each curriculum area.
  • The thematic approach integrates all curriculum areas and invites the children to explore according to their individuality.
  • SEL (Social Emotional Learning, or “EQ”) is taught throughout the day; social/emotional skills are as important as academics.
  • We have a unique building design based on research about optimal learning environments for children.  Come, experience the aesthetics!
  • We view the child as an individual, and also as part of his or her family by involving parents, and by extending that relationship to the family of man and the natural environment.
  • A variety of schedule options meets the needs of each family.

Research demonstrates that environment, including architectural, aesthetic and natural elements, have tremendous impact on brain development, intelligence and behavior. Therefore, Kinder Works has carefully designed each child care center with distinctive space and light, paying particular attention to classic as well as modern forms.

The Kinder Works building houses specialized classrooms for each curriculum area, and each room has unique features such as built in structures; even the colors have been chosen through research for optimal brain development and socialization.

The movement from one curriculum area to another contributes to an overall balance, since structured academic work, which focuses the children in left-brain activity, is followed by a child-initiated independent period, with activities targeting the right brain.

Children are carefully observed so that each child is taught according to his or her individual developmental level in each area. Children move through the school in the company of their Class Teacher and classmates, enjoying the benefits of a team of teachers, forming an extended family of relationships, which research shows provides the best foundation for all types of learning. Check out our videos to learn more about Kinder Works.