Please let your staff know they have the most important job in the world and they do it so well!  Please share this email with your boss as well and if you have any prospective parents who would like to talk to another parent about the Kinder Works experience, please feel free to share my contact information.
With appreciation,
Jocelyn Keeney (School District teacher and mother of a toddler at Kinder Works in Montgomeryville)

“When we moved to Doylestown, as a full-time working and single mom, picking the best school for my children was of utmost importance. I wanted them to learn and develop – of course – but I also wanted them to love their environment and to feel that school was a fun place they wanted to be. I found that – and more – at KinderWorks.” Mrs. Cody in Limerick

“The staff at KinderWorks continues to exceed my expectations. This is our third year with my son and my daughter both attending – plus summer camp – and I am continually impressed by the talent, skill, and professionalism of the teachers. This is NOT a day care; KinderWorks is a school of academic, social, and artist development. It is worth every penny and has made a positive and lasting impression on my children.”  The Radcliff family, Doylestown

“As a Mom, it matters so much to me where my children spend their time – and with Kinder Works – literally from day one – I felt a level of comfortable that my children were spending their days in just the right ways: learning the basics that move us forward academically; expressing themselves through creative arts and imaginary play; and learning music and the job of its expression, an amazing and too often overlooked aspect. All of which combined has provided my children with a well-rounded curriculum that is educational and fun. Kinder Works brings this all to life in a cozy environment with each room academically provisioned and artistic to serve children well.” Rachel Ziff, Montgomeryville

“My son (alumni) and daughter (current and ongoing student) and I always joke that I wish I could I go to KinderWorks and they could do my job. We have laughs with it; but really it’s not a complete joke—when I first visited KinderWorks, I fell in love. It is unique with old schoolhouse charm yet with the warmth and with multi-disciplinary staff of trained teachers you are unlikely find anywhere else. What more could a Mom want? So the joke continues – and the children agree that they would rather be at KinderWorks than doing my job!” ~Erin Reiley Ward, Doylestown

I wanted to extend a big thank you for the tour of your beautiful center on Thursday. My husb and and I were both SO impressed with everything! I have to say, from the moment we left we knew that Kinder Works is the place for our family. 
Thank you again – looking forward to speaking soon! 
Enjoy your weekend,
~Holly Hughes (Limerick/Royersford)

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how happy we are with our Kinder Works experience.  Our friends and family near and far can not believe the programming in your curriculum for our [daughter].  Thank you for creating such a warm and welcoming environment for both my daughter and us.  Most importantly I appreciate her teachers honest reports of the day with how she was feeling and how much she ate.  That helped so much in building trust quickly.  I am not worried about her and thrilled with how much she is learning.  Please let me know if your teachers are wishing for something so that I can help provide it.

With gratitude,   ~Keeny family (the Montgomeryville area)

Dear Kinderworks Family,

This was the third Fall Festival that we’ve had the privilege and
pleasure to attend and I wanted to let you know that is was FABULOUS –
thank you!!!

As teachers and administrators, you generously and tirelessly give so
much to our kids each week.  Enthusiasm.  Patience.  Compassion.
Encouragement.  First Aid.  And that’s just by 10am!!!  To then take
personal time out of your weekend to create this fun and magical
experience for our families is going so above and beyond the call of
duty – thank you.  We just show up and start having fun and connecting
with other families.  There’s no st anding in line for tickets or
waiting in long lines for activities.  It’s just so much fun with many
diverse activities in a beautiful, safe environment.  There is
literally something to capture the interest of everyone.  And to top
it all off there’s a huge buffet!  This event is so meticulously
planned and executed every year.   Thank you thank you thank you for
all you do!   ~The Michael Family (Doylestown area)

“Exceptional pre-school experience. Dedicated, talented, educated staff, with longevity. Program built on a mix of proven research. When children are happy and engaged, the learning is fun and easy.”
~Mrs. Sarah Stout, Telford (a Montgomeryville Parent)

“It is so nice to go to a center where everything is done right!…I’m going to go home with a smile on my face!”
~Mrs. Powell, PA OCDEL Inspector (Office of Child Development and Education). 

I have noticed tons of positive energy, kinds words,   and kind deeds by the Kinder Works staff and I think it’s terrific.  Thank you all for positive messages. I am truly grateful. Best Regards,

~Mary Beth Youngblood, Limerick 

THANK YOU SO MUCH – we are so blessed to have Kinderworks, the teachers, warm environment and the amazing program that you provide.
~Melinda Lindsley, Montgomeryville

Love to see [our daughter] having so much fun at school!  Her gr and-mother was so impressed that she could write her name!  And we know it’s because she’s at a phenomenal school!
~Claire Lonergan, Montgomeryville

This past Saturday was our second Fall Festival at Kinderworks (Doylestown) and I still cannot wrap my brain around how you manage to pull off such a spectacular event without the use of clones, drones, or other top secret technology.  Wow!
You’ve got to be DONE by Friday afternoon…some weeks you are probably done by Tuesday…but despite having just worked a long week, on Saturday you greeted all of us wearing your brightest smiles and festive Fall clothes.  Thank you for your generous spirit, enthusiasm, and hospitality. 
Pony rides, balloon animals, bouncy house, arts & crafts stations, scavenger hunt, impressive hot and cold food stations…the only thing missing was ziplining through the Amazon. Thank you for organizing so many diverse and fun activities for our kids.
This event was not just a blast for my kids, it also provided a fun and relaxed atmosphere for parents and caregivers to connect.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet and socialize with the parents of my children’s classmates.  We’ve only been PA residents for 18 months so this chance to connect with other local families is very appreciated.
Thank you for all that you do to enrich the lives of our children, and to support all parents and caregivers.  My kids Winston (Koala) and Beatrice (Honey Bear) pop up like toast in the morning excited to go to school at Kinderworks…that is all thanks to you.  Thank you!
Best Regards,
~Janet Michael, Doylestown  
Thank you so much for the adorable picture of Kassidy!  It’s amazing to see how fast she is growing each day, and we’re so thankful for all that the Kinder Works teachers do to continue to nurture her development. We are so pleased with our experience at Kinder Works, and are always telling everyone how thankful we are to have found such a wonderful place to take care of our daughter when we aren’t able to be with her.  Thanks again for all your do!    
 ~ Kendra, Montgomeryville parent
I drove away from Kinder Works earlier this week in tears. I quickly laughed to myself thinking “It’s only preschool!  Get a grip!”…But for [my daughter], this place has meant everything. You have laid a solid foundation for her education and character development that compares to no other. You restored her love of learning, you built her up (even when she tested your limits), you gave her the confidence to be herself, and you showed her great care and affection. Your patience and underst anding has made the world of a difference in her ability to feel success and security. [My daughter] will have many teachers in her life, but you all are a group that we will never forget. Thank you for all that you do for your students. You have such great passion! Your pride and work ethic is evident in all that you do.
~Am anda Lynch, New Hope School District teacher
“Thank you, sincerely, for taking so much time with us and for sharing your wonderful school with me and [my husb and] Luke! I can honestly say that we were blown away not only with your warm welcome, but with the curriculum, the teachers, and the topics you’re covering!  It’s so refreshing to see the kids exposed to such a variety of learning opportunities – Warhol, Stevie Wonder, explorers, authors! We also had that intangible feeling while we were at Kinder Works – it felt “right” for [our son], it felt calm and warm, which I believe says everything about you and your staff.”
~M andy Poling, Doylestown 

“As we are heading into the Thanksgiving week and the Pow-Wow at Kinderworks I wanted to say thank you for everything that you and your teachers do for our children. [My husb and] and I are so thankful for all of you and so happy that we found you for [our daughter]. She is excited to go to school everyday and that is because of how wonderful you all are. We consider it a privilege that she is able to attend school at Kinderworks. If we had known about the school sooner we would have sent our older children there for school also. Our 10 year old daughter constantly comments that she wished she had gone there for pre-school and kindergarten. I am glad that [our son] is getting to experience summer camp. He had a wonderful summer this past year at Kinderworks. We know how hard you all work and appreciate all of the love and care you give our daughter. Many thanks to all of you…”
~ Jen Happel, Doylestown 

“Dear Ms. Jeffries, I just wanted to let you know that our family was really blown away by the amazing Fall Festival that you and your staff hosted… Wow wow wow! After giving everything you’ve got during the week, I can’t even imagine how much extra time you and your team put in to set up, run, and break-down the spectacular event… I am always impressed by how warm, positive, and welcoming everyone is – we are always greeted with smiles and everyone knows my son by name. We feel incredibly blessed to have our son enrolled at Kinderworks. We’d like to thank you and all of the teachers for always going above and beyond the call of duty to make the experience for the children and their families an extraordinary one. Bravo!
~ Janet Michael, Furlong 

“Thank you for 6 wonderful years at Kinder Works!! …Kinder Works staff has had a tremendous impact on [our three children’s] education and social growth. Best decision we ever made.”
~ Cindy Fitzmartin, Doylestown  

“Thank you to each and every one of you! [My daughter] has loved being a part of your school community… She has learned so much and grown into a confident little girl ready to tackle first grade. Science is her favorite because of the experiments (especially the 100 drops of water). She loves to read and it melts my heart as she silently reads to herself now and has discussions with me about all kinds of literature. We visited the Michener Museum and she looked everywhere for a ‘Degas’ since she loved learning how to draw beautiful ballerinas. I know more art museums are in our future. Whenever we are somewhere with any type of music, she can identify it in some aspect- music type, artist, instrument, etc. Because of all you, she wants to be a vet, artist, singer, dancer, teacher, etc. Thank you for the many experiences! We are truly blessed you were a part of our lives and will never be forgotten!”
~ Theresa Weber, Doylestown 

“As an elementary school reading specialist, I have been thoroughly impressed over the past three years at how well Kinder Works has prepared my son for his reading readiness skills. I have great confidence he will have a positive elementary school experience due to the background gained from his pre-school years at Kinder Works. As a mom, I am impressed with the importance Kinder Works stressed on the Emotional Quotient that will last with him for a lifetime.”
~ Hilary Shenkman, Chalfont

“Kinder Works is in a class by itself. There is nothing in the region that compares to the high quality evident here. Degreed teachers, a positive, research-based structure to the school day, and flexible and committed staff are all present in a truly ethereal learning space.  Children will appreciate the high quality learning materials and consistent, caring teachers.  Parents will appreciate Kinder Works’ commitment to their child’s success and willingness to partner with families. Parents of children with special needs often have challenges when searching for the right program that provides structure, education, nurturing, and flexibility. At Kinder Works, our child’s uniqueness is valued, appreciated, and supported. We have simply not found a program that compares.  I believe my daughter says it best when she says, ‘I LOVE Kinder Works school!’”
~ Jennifer Menges, Limerick

“Dear April, I wanted to share the email below and spread the joy that Kinder Works has brought to this family. Below is the response we received from a Dad who is deployed. We sent him pictures and scanned some of his son’s portfolio so he can be part of his son’s experiences at school [even while he is overseas!]

               ‘Nicole, Thank you so much for compiling these photos… I truly will cherish them while deployed. So glad to see [my son] learning… you create a great
               environment for children to learn… proud to be a part of it. Sincerely, Mark'” 
~ Nicole Stewart, Director of Kinder Works in Montgomeryville 

“Dear Robin,  Saying goodbye to Kinder Works is bittersweet to say the very least. I cannot believe I have 3 school-age children. Your facility, your staff and your students are top notch. What L., S. and J. have learned at Kinder Works goes far beyond academics. They have a love of science, art, music and most importantly, self. You cannot put a price tag on that gift.” 
~Jen Fi ander, Doylestown     

“Choosing a daycare for our first child was a very difficult decision because we were giving our heart over to an unfamiliar environment.  We were looking for much more than a babysitting service; things that were important to us in the search were diversity of people and thought, a sense of security, comfort and care in our absence as well as a good educational foundation.  Entrusting [our daughter] to Kinder Works ( and now our 2nd child) is a decision that we have not regretted as you all have far exceeded our expectations on all levels.  The staff has been easy to talk to, encouraging, patient, informative (to name a few) and has become an extended part of our family.  [Our daughter’s] food allergies and skin sensitivities were taken seriously by all who attended to her which helped to alleviate any concerns we had about her being exposed to the wrong foods or her skin moisturizing routine not being done as prescribed by the doctor.  We recognize, the contributions the Kinder Works program has had on helping to bring out the best in her and push her to high heights!  The monthly themes, interactions with the other children and all the staff have introduced her to so many new things, more than we as her parents could have ever done on our own!  Our girls are excited to come to school every day and that makes our day at work easier!”
~The King Family, Perkasie                                                                                                                                                                                                               

“We would like to thank you and the staff at Kinder Works… for the excellent education in a nurturing environment that you provided our son… He enrolled at Kinder Works as a Munchkin at the age of 3 and continued his education through Kindergarten. The staff not only provided [him] with the tools to excel academically, but also to grow emotionally. With your guidance we were able to ensure [he] was well prepared to enter 1st grade… We all agree, including [our son], that the emotional development skills he learned at Kinder Works has been a great benefit in his adjustment at [his elementary school]. …His success is a result of the Kinder Works staff devotion to ensuring each child develops both academically and emotionally.”

~ Bo and Tammy D andrea, Doylestown

“Please tell [the Creative Expression Specialist] that [our son] had his first day at [the public school] today. During orientation, he stunned the Art Room when he identified Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. His experience at Kinder Works was perfect preparation for [his future education]. We will always remember and value his time there as one of the most important experiences in his life.”
~ Lee Wilson, Glenside 

“There are ‘all stars,’ ‘rock stars,’ ‘people of character’ and ‘dynamic, influential life lesson givers,’ and then there are people who are all of the above and much more; I call these people Kinder Works Teachers.  You are the best at what you do and how you do it!  Thank you for taking care of my son. He loves you all, that is real, THANK YOU!”
~ Michael Davis, Warrington 

“…watching [my daughter] thrive and be so excited about school is just as rewarding as it gets! I don’t know if anyone ever takes the time to tell you all how wonderful you are – but I just wanted you to know that there is no finer establishment for learning, and the best staff I’ve ever seen. Being at Orientation, and entering the Creative Expression room, seeing [my daughter’s teacher] from last year, I literally had to wipe tears away – we both loved her more than words!! …Just wanted to send a big thanks for taking care and teaching our children with so much love and warmth!”
~ Nicole Flannery, Chalfont

“…of the many things we so loved about Kinder Works, the one we held the most dear was your focus on children developing a “healthy emotional intelligence”. We have seen the fruits of your labor in our children, and have worked to follow the principles at home. In keeping with the emphasis you have placed on how important it is to “treat our friends kindly”, and to consider those less fortunate, we have made a family donation (all of the kids have contributed, too!) to UNICEF, in honor of your dedication and wonderful service to us. We thought that this was perhaps the best way of giving back to you, and thanking you for what you have taught us all.”
~ The Creccas, Jamison

“Kinder Works is without question a step above any of the ‘st andard’ preschools. My wife and I were new to the area and on a drive, we saw Kinder Works of Royersford/Limerick. The moment we stepped in we were greeted by staff who immediately took an interest in our situation.  …We have found the staff truly committed to all the children’s growth and education. We feel Kinder Works is an academy that transcends the mark of preschool. We have seen our son’s horizon’s blossom with the attention to detail that the staff demonstrates…”
~ Eric Mitchell, Collegeville

“Thank you for a wonderful evening at your Fall Festival!  I was invited to attend with my daughter and son-in-law and my little sweetheart, [my gr andson]. The Festival was a testimony to the dedication that you [Director] and your Staff have towards making every facet of my gr andson’s day a positive learning experience.  I know that he and every child at Kinder Works is in capable, dedicated, and caring h ands.  Thank you for all you do for my gr andson and the other children who pass through your doors.  My gr andson offered to share his beloved ‘BearBear’ with you on our way out… and that speaks volumes! You and your Staff truly do touch little ( and big) lives and I thank you for touching [my gr andson’s] with love.”
~ Bonnie Coughlin (aka “Nanna”), Fleetwood 

“I wanted to extend a THANK YOU to you and your staff. Your love of the children and what you do shines every day. Kinder Works is such a wonderful place for my child to learn and grow, and feel the love and experience the quality of the education provided. I wish she could stay there forever!”
~ Lynn Pantella, Doylestown

“…I could continue on and on about the wonderful staff and tremendous facilities of Kinder Works. I am sad that our time, from an academic st andpoint, is coming to an end, but [my son and daughter] have made wonderful friends and have had wonderful teachers that we will never forget. We hope to return next summer for camp and we will definitely need to return for a visit, as my children have made me promise, through the next school year. …I know we have recommended KW when we first came to many people, and that recommendation will continue as the years go on.”
~ The Mondillo Family, Schwenksville

“I have wanted to tell you for a long time how much I appreciated our time at Kinder Works.  Every time that I dropped off, I knew that he was in great and caring h ands.  The staff always took the time to greet each person, student or parent alike, and that is just one example of the attention and care that Kinder Works gives.  My phone calls were almost always answered in person, and in the case of needing a call back, I got a timely and thoughtful follow up.  In addition to all of the above, the education and exposure the teachers provide is excellent!  My son learned so much under your care, and loved going to school.  Thank you for starting him off on a great educational path.”
~ Christa Martin, Doylestown

“I can’t believe another school year is coming to an end! As I sat and watched my daughter receive her diploma at her Kindergarten graduation yesterday, I could see how much pride she had and how much self-confidence she has gained. That pride and self-confidence comes from yet another great year working with some of the best educators in the area. [This compliment comes from an elementary teacher in the area!] My husb and and I are so pleased that we chose to have both of our daughters attend Kinder Works. We couldn’t be happier about that decision. While we are sad that this is [our oldest daughter’s] last year, we appreciate all that your staff has done to prepare her for first grade. We are thrilled that [our youngest daughter] will be returning to Kinder Works next year.”  
~ Nancy Polsky, Furlong

“I’m writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful experience we’ve had at Kinder Works. My son has been a student there for three wonderful years. I’m amazed at all the things he has learned. The teachers are caring, creative and very well versed in their profession. For this reason, my son is leaving Kinder Works as a happy, confident Kindergarten graduate. I’m convinced that my decision to send him to Kinder Works was one of the best things I could have done as a parent, especially choosing your full-day Kindergarten program…”
~ Tom & Leticia Matich, Jamison

“We just wanted all of you to know that all of your creativity, organization and thoughtfulness on Friday night at the Spring Carnival were greatly appreciated. We are so happy and proud to belong to your family and each day and event that you create for our family is everlasting in our hearts!”
~ The Clemens Family, Royersford

“Can you believe we are here? The last day of 3 years at Kinder Works has arrived [for our daughter]. I still remember researching preschools and walking through Kinder Works.  I immediately felt at home and knew that this was the place to start [our daughter’s] education. Not only was the exterior and interior exactly what I was looking for in a school, but the impression I got from all the staff was spot-on. I knew from the beginning that she was in the best h ands emotionally, physically, and educationally. It goes without being said that we have thoroughly enjoyed the past 3 years.  [Our daughter] has grown so much and in so many ways because of you and your wonderful staff.  I feel 100% confident that she is absolutely ready for Kindergarten, and I thank you all for that.  I also wanted to thank you personally for the sincere care, support, and guidance that you have shown [my daughter] and me over the years. We look forward to next school year when [our son] can follow in his sister’s footsteps and begin his journey with all of you.  I, too, will look forward to ‘coming home’ to Kinder Works and seeing you all again!” 
~ The Warfield Family, Doylestown

“Kinder Works is not a Day Care, it is an exceptional educational facility! They are in a ‘league of their own’. There is no place like this. Not only is the building pleasing to the eye; but everything in it, from the displayed artwork, to the people, from the Owner to the Director, brings an exceptional and unique quality [ and passion to education]. Our son has thrived at Kinder Works because of their dedication and love of children….both my son and I have trouble leaving every day, it is just that good! Kinder Works is truly an essential part of our family.”
~ Sarina Simpson, Royersford

“I wanted to say thank you so very much for making camp a place where my kids love to go. It is so nice to know they are having so much fun. I’ve never had either [my son] or [my daughter] anywhere they enjoyed so much! I will be adding more weeks of camp for both of them!”
~ Marie Borrelli & Family, after their first week at Camp Kinder Works 

“Thank you for such a beautiful, beautiful fall festival!!!!! It was obvious how much work, time, money, effort, thought, love and care went into every aspect of planning for today. Thank you so much for planning such a special event for us, and in such a generous way. We are truly so happy to be part of the Kinder Works family…. our hearts are full of love and admiration for all of you, for all you do and for how you care for our child.”
~ The Nappi Family, Doylestown

“We can’t thank you enough for bringing your beautiful Kinder Works school to the Limerick area. We had no idea how it would change our lives. Joining KW has really made a difference in our family. It was a top highlight of our entire year. Your school, your rooms, the teachers, the curriculum, the toys the activities & events – everything is done FIRST-RATE – with class, with style, with love. It warms my heart….Thank you so much for all that you, your school & teachers have done for our family and for the hundreds of other families everywhere!”
~ The Basilio family, Schwenksville

“…both of my kids have been a part of the Kinder Works family since they were infants. … I always, without hesitation, recommend Kinder Works … What really sets Kinder Works apart is the teachers … Thank you for recruiting and retaining such great teachers!!!”
~ Steven B. at Merck

“We chose Kinder Works 8 years ago for our first son, and 6 years later we chose them again. We couldn’t be happier with their unique program and caring staff. We know Kinder Works played and is playing an important role in the formation of a strong educational foundation for our children.”
~ Barbara and Jeffery S., Doylestown

“I just wanted to let you know how happy my husb and and I ( and our daughter too!) were yesterday [her first day back after recovering from surgery].  My husb and dropped her off, and all of her teachers greeted her with hugs and a warm welcome back.  I worried about her all day, but was relieved when I heard from you [the Director] that her morning went well and that she just got back into her routine… when I picked her up, all of her teachers shared with me how much they missed her and how often they had been thinking of her during and following her surgery.  It might not seem like a big deal, but it really meant a lot to us.  It is SUCH a relief for us knowing that when we have to leave her she is left with a great group of people that love her as much as we do.”
~ Liz Rakoff & Family, Royersford 

“I am so impressed with your program and the exceptional staff. Every single room and presentation screams enthusiasm! No wonder [my daughter] glows when she talks about school. Thank you for providing what I see as an optimum environment – stimulating, challenging, fun, and loving.”
~ Mary Demarest, mother and 4th grade teacher, Washington Crossing

“Kinder Works has created many fond memories for our family. I am constantly amazed about everything they learn. They know letter sounds, rules of safety and even some mathematics. They have a lot of fun and look forward to their preschool.”
~ Charlotte L., Perkasie

“I wanted to drop you a quick note to share the great experience I’ve had this summer… I’ve been impressed with all the teachers [my daughter] has had over the past year.  This summer, they really went out of their way to bring her ‘out of her shell.’  They take the time to come over and greet her… and make sure she feels included.  Given her shy nature, this has gone a long way in bringing her into the group… she’s enjoying her time there and telling me she had fun.  She’s even starting to part with her ‘lovey blanket’ and tiger during class… I really appreciate all the effort her teachers have spent on my child and wanted to make sure you were aware of their great work.”
~ Becky Moyer, Lansdale 

“Dear Kinderworks Family, Thank you so much for a fun fall festival. We enjoyed all the activities… We had a great family day together!”
~ The Orl ando Family, Furlong 

“The quality of education and attention to each individual student at Kinder Works made the difference and our daughter was ready and able to enter first grade the following year because of the accredited program Kinder Works offers. Relocating can be difficult enough without having to be concerned about the well-being of your children. Kinder Works has always provided us with excellence and commitment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the school to all parents.”
~ Tina Weaver, Sellersville

“[My son] is really excited about coming back to Kinder Works for summer camp!  He told me the other morning that he wished he still went to school here!  You guys do an EXCELLENT job, and I could not be happier leaving [my kids] in your care every day!  Thanks again for helping them grow in a nurturing environment, with people that genuinely care about them each as individual persons!”
Beth Stauffer, Furlong 

“We found shopping for child care to be very confusing and stressful until we toured Kinder Works. At the end of the tour we left with our screaming three-year-old under one arm and winter coat under the other. Nine months later it’s still tough getting [our daughter] to go home at the end of the day. We feel we can’t give [her] a better start to her continuing education.”
~ Diane and Dave J., Telford

“I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The last three years of [my daughter] going to Kinder Works has been enlightening in so many ways.  Sending [her] to Kinder Works has been a pleasure at such a transitional time of her life.  Your positive influence and creative teaching methods are not only appreciated but admired.  I am sad to see [my daughter] leave there not only because it means she is growing up but because I truly know that your nurturing influential way of teaching is not necessarily what I can expect for her future educational years.  [She] comes home from school on a daily basis talking and sharing about her day, her adventures, her achievements.  Words cannot describe my gratitude for your patience, knowledge, and positive reinforcement.  It takes a very special person to take on the challenge of guiding children in such a developmental stage of their lives.  You all do it with grace, honor, and dignity.  I consider myself fortunate that I have had the opportunity to meet all of you and that you have made such a difference in [my daughter’s] life forever.  I am proud  of her with all my heart and I am equally as proud of each of you for taking accountability for our future generations and starting them on the right path.  You are an inspiration. So truly, it has been a pleasure, and thank you.”  
~ Donna S., Doylestown 

“Our son has been enrolled at Kinder Works located in Montgomeryville since 4 months of age.  At first, it was difficult for us to separate from him during the day, but it didn’t take long to see how much he was enjoying the program.  The caring and professional staff at Kinder Works demonstrates their commitment to the children and their families every day.  We honestly feel that by enrolling our son at Kinder Works, we’re giving him the best possible start on the road of life.  As a parent, that’s a great feeling!”
~ Ann Marie and Brad Maher, Lansdale

“On behalf of our daughter, we just wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your efforts to educate and stimulate her in a caring, learning environment.  As parents, one of the most wonderful gifts we can bestow on our children is a love of learning.  It is very apparent that at Kinder Works this is a fundamental philosophy.  The variety of teaching styles, group play and individual activities has provided Erin and all the children there the educational and social building blocks to grow upon.”
~ Jill and Joe K., R andolph, NJ

“I like this school so much better than my last school because this school has so many classrooms and teachers and my last school only had one classroom and two teachers.”
~ a Kinder Works student

  I just wanted to take a few moments to show my appreciation to you and your staff.  The care your teachers provide for my daughter and her classmates is exceptional.  I never expected when I was looking for child care/schooling for my daughter that I would ever find a place that I actually think is better for her than being with me full time and that is because of your teachers.  

    [My daughter] loves her teachers, school, and learning.  When I pick her up,  she is looking at her teachers and trying to imitate and participate. She doesn’t even noticed that I’m in the room because she is so engaged in her lessons with her teachers.  

  I dropped off and picked up [my daughter] at all different times.  When I walk in I see smiling teachers on the floor with the kids and teachers smiling while changing diapers ( and I’ve never noticed an odor anywhere in the facility)!  Most importantly, the kids are happy.  Of course there will be bumps, bruises, and trouble with sharing but your teachers guide the kids by creating an environment which is structured and predictable.  They make it look easy and I’m not sure that those who don’t work with small children really appreciate how difficult that is but I do.  

     [My daughter’s] teachers give me honest reports about how little she’s eaten (she’s a terrible eater) and offer her lunch later on in the day, if needed.  We don’t expect that in group care but that is what sets your school and teachers apart from others.  [My daughter] tells me how [her teachers] have comforted her this week when she was having trouble falling asleep and crying.  

     [My daughter] is signing songs that I have never sang to her, tells me with excitement which teacher helped her with her projects, and who comforted her when she was scared or sad.  Most recently, she is identifying the emotions of characters in books by looking at the details in the pictures.