Programs & Curriculum

Our Infant Program:

(6 weeks-Toddler Age)

What we see when we look at your baby is the greatest mind that ever existed, with the most powerful learning capabilities in the universe. Read More…


(Developmentally 1-3 years old)

Our Toddler curriculum is based on current research in early brain development, early childhood education and developmental psychology. Read More


(Preschool: Developmental Classes, 3-5 years / Kindergarten: 5-6 years)

The Preschool and Private Kindergarten (including Kindergarten Enrichment) curriculum is divided into four areas: Language Arts, Creative Expression, Math & Science, Gym & Music. A fifth area, “EQ” (Social Emotional Learning, or SEL) / Social Studies is taught whenever the opportunity arises, and also specifically and deliberately in all of the other curriculum areas. Read More


Lesson plans for our Infant, Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten programs are developed daily using Kinder Works St andards & Curriculum Guides, and also our Child Development Profiles, which meet and exceed State and Federal requirements.  These have been developed by teams of Kinder Works Teachers and Directors over 30+ years, and have been cross-referenced for accuracy and clarity with a variety of resources including: the Dept. of Education’s Learning St andards for Early Childhood & Kindergarten from Pennsylvania, North Carolina and several other states, HighScope, the Mayo Clinic, Denver, and the LAPP.