Activities for Infants

Kinder Works teachers work with each infant using a series of activities in a variety of curriculum domains, in order to give a broad range of appropriate experiences. We observe each infant’s behavior carefully, and patiently encourage mastery.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Your little one is working hard to develop fine and gross motor skills. We patiently repeat actions and support efforts so he or she can practice. We use various props for motor development explorations, such as exercise saucers and mats, activity centers, boppies, baby-soft social circles, walkers, and plenty of soft-carpeted floor space. Fine motor development is addressed through exercises with smaller manipulative materials like rattles, and eventually includes using things such as shape-sorters and spoons for eating independently.

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Your child is developing a sense of self, and an underst anding of his or her relationships with others. We provide each baby with choices; and by choosing, he or she develops preferences, and a clear sense of his or her own abilities. We give babies the freedom to initiate actions, interactions, and to explore their environment, so that they develop a positive sense of self. We genuinely care, and we are consistently interested, responsive, and connected. This provides the foundation for babies to safely explore their own identity and to observe as well as form healthy relationships.

COMMUNICATION & CREATIVE REPRESENTATION: Infants quickly learn to communicate with their entire bodies, and with sounds and facial expressions. Our caregivers encourage body and language development by responding to these signals. We talk with, read and sing to your babies, and we delight in their advances. In addition, we teach Sign Language to babies because the fine muscle control in their h ands develops much sooner than their ability to form words. They can communicate successfully with Sign long before they can speak. This actually enhances language development: research shows that children who learn Sign concurrently with spoken language actually become more adept verbally and receptively!

EARLY LOGIC: Watching the behavior of babies quickly reveals their abundant curiosity and inquisitive minds. They are natural scientists. They are constantly experimenting, forming hypotheses, and drawing conclusions. We offer materials and a variety of manipulative toys with an ever-changing array of shapes, textures, weights sizes and reactions. We set up activities for each stage of development. We know when to let the babies’ own efforts unfold, allowing them to experience their own competence. Babies are delighted when they succeed, and often want to repeat their efforts again and again. We applaud their efforts and success, and we reinforce their learning by patiently supporting continued development.