**Preschool: Developmental Classes, 3-5 years / Kindergarten: 5-6 years**

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The Preschool/Kindergarten curriculum is divided into four areas, by classrooms, materials, time frames, and teachers:

  • Language Arts
  • Creative Expression
  • Math & Science
  • Gym & Music

The fifth area, “EQ” (Social Emotional Learning, or SEL) & Social Studies, is taught whenever the opportunity arises, and also specifically and deliberately in all of the other curriculum areas.

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Each curriculum area classroom offers a different style of learning, appropriate materials and equipment, and alternates between child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. They are all integrated with the thematic approach and coordinated lesson planning.

The four curriculum areas are taught by Specialists, who co-teach with the Class Teacher, in classrooms specifically designed and equipped for each subject. The children are together in a cohesive group, enjoying relationships with one another for the school year, and have the advantages of utilizing four specialized classrooms as well as the playground. They also have relationships with five teachers, one who is always with them (the Class Teacher), and the others who are with them for the time spent in that curriculum area (the Specialists).

The time-frame for each period is not arbitrary. Research tells us that the attention span in a single environment or subject area for children ages 3-6 is roughly 43 minutes, after which they will no longer be effectively receptive nor extended into the environment. (For us adults, it is more like 1.5-3 hours, after which we make mistakes, and get fidgety and cranky!) Therefore, our periods are 40-43 minutes long, and then the children transition to a new environment with a different Specialist, subject, materials and teaching/learning modality. Within each curriculum area, there is a smaller schedule of events and activities such as circle-time, center-time, or there is free-choice in a carefully prepared environment with many options available.


Sample Class Schedule:

Language Arts
9:00-9:45 and 1:00-1:45

Creative Expression
9:45-10:30 and 1:45-2:30

Math & Science
10:30-11:15 and 2:30-3:15

Gym & Music
11:15-12:00 and 3:15-4:00

Lunch & Rest or Recess

AM lesson plans and activities are different from PM lesson plans and activities.

Extended hours, from 7:00am opening to 6:00pm closing are also available.