The 2016 Art Studio Themes

Our art studio includes: mixed media techniques/texture, sculpture (including clay), printing, photography, collage, studying elements of art, painting with & without a brush (acrylics), pastels, architecture, Pop Art, watercolor techniques, fiber art, installations, & inspiration from the masters… Each week, we will have a theme, as well as offering many visual artwork options!


WEEK 1: The Science of Art  (June 20 – June 24)  Roll up your sleeves & prepare to investigate the “Science of Art!” Get ready to explore color mixing & color theory, experiment with paper making (like Melissa Jay Craig, modern day artist), and discover how salt reacts to watercolor & oil resist!

WEEK 2: Spotlight Artist: Wayne Thiebaud  (June 27 – July 1)  Let’s talk about food! Wayne Theibaud’s yummy pieces of art focus on our favorite treats (such as pies, pastries, ice cream, even gumballs!) & his realistic style of painting will inspire us to create our own colorful renditions.

WEEK 3: Cultural Creativity: Native American Art  (July 4 – July 8)  This week will be filed with native patterns & design. We will focus on totem poles, tee pees, dream catchers & weavings, while also studying the art of the Navajo! 

WEEK 4: Math Meets Art  (July 11 – July 15)  How does Math meet Art? We will discuss the works of “Dot-Dot Seurat” & Pennsylvania born Sculptor Alex ander Calder. We will examine shapes &lines to create bigger pictures – like m andalas & tessellations – focusing on the amazing, sometimes impossible, works of M.C. Escher. 

WEEK 5: Spotlight Artists: Claude Monet and Cézanne  (July 18 – July 22)  While focusing on Monet we will explore his unique brush strokes & famous works of art, & discuss his well-known paintings of flowers, seascapes, & l andscapes. We’ll also dabble in the art of Cézanne as we explore still life painting, textured l andscapes, & we might surprise ourselves with another unique style of painting…

WEEK 6: Cultural Creativity: Celtic Art  (July 25 – July 29)  While visiting the countryside of Irel and, we will design ornate castles & create rolling hill l andscapes like Irish Painter Paul Henry. And who can forget the shamrock, which might inspire an exploration of symmetry, line drawings, or even the many shades of the color green?

WEEK 7: I speak the Language of Art  (August 1 – August 5)  During this week, we will explore Art as it is expressed in books. We will discover the colorful art in the ever-popular books of Eric Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Grouchy Lady Bug, & many more!) as well as author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds (The Dot & Ish, to name a few). Language plays a big role in Art in the form of illustration, & Language can even become Art through calligraphy & script, even monograms…

WEEK 8: Spotlight Artists: Matisse and Chihuly  (August 8 – August 12)  When we think of Henri Matisse & Dale Chihuly, we think of free-flowing shapes & forms. This week we’ll explore Art in both 2D & 3D. When focusing on Matisse, we will create layers & use bold colors to create 2D art works. When we switch to Chihuly, we can create vibrant, abstract sculptures, inspired by his incredible blown glass masterpieces.

WEEK 9: Cultural Creativity: Art of South America  (August 15 – August 19)  With brightly colored yarns and fabrics we can create traditional Molas, & try our h ands at the Chilean stitching art called Arpilleras. We’ll take a look at the artistic stylings of Raúl Recio and Frida Kahlo, as well as the ancient South American Art of the Aztec & Mayan people.

WEEK 10: Celebration of Summer…  (August 22 – August 26)  Celebrate another summer gone by! It’s time for one final “hurrah” as we reflect on our summer of fun with autograph pages & scratch-art souvenirs to remember our fun & friendships. Let’s celebrate our unbounded creativity! Specially designed picture frames will be the perfect keepsakes to hold our special memories; beaded bracelets & s and-art make great gifts that say, “See you next summer!”




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